Life is Normal, we see it critical

I’m not super professional and earning high-income, I’m normal.

I’m not loved and cared for by everyone, I’m normal.

I’m not a child where my parents raised me so affectionately that they didn’t oppose me for anything, I’m normal.

I’m not someone who is always happy, satisfied and motivated, I’m normal.

And we can see this normality in everyone. There is nothing to get upset about. There is nothing to be desirous about.

However, no one wants to listen to sad stories when they are happy and no one wants to listen happy stories when they are sad. It’s only that one’s current situation differs and how we see the world with our eyes differs.

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A problem is a problem only when you feel it is a problem

Who in this world is without problems??? Yes, problems may vary from person-to-person, place-to-place, and criticality-to-criticality. Some think that the problem that they are facing is more superior to the problems people facing around them. It’s very much natural.

Everyone is busy with their own lives and with their own problems. We cannot expect someone should understand our problems. No one wants extra baggage of problems to carry on their head of what they are facing.

There are two kinds of people we generally see when we try to express our problems to someone. One who feels happy about happy that you’re facing issues in your personal or professional life. And another is someone who listens, understands your feelings and can do nothing about it. If you find the second kind of person, you’re lucky enough. You at least got a person whom you can share your feelings with and take help of up to an extent. But how much do you think that they can listen to all your problems you are telling them all the time? Initially, they try to understand the problems that you are dealing with and suggest you how to cope up with it. But if we start telling someone every small problem that we are facing, they loose out patience and start ignoring you. Even we do that if someone does the same with us. Thus, no one can blame no one.

One has one’s own problems to deal with. Every individual wait for their turn to share their problems if someone starts sharing theirs. The human mind is like that. More than listening, one seeks to have their own chance to talk. In this world, one always need another person’s support. No one is superior, no one is inferior in terms of problems. It all depends on how we perceive and pursue it. Once we overcome what we faced, it no longer looks like a problem. We would be able to understand and make someone overcome with the similar kind of problem if someone is facing it.

So, life is not about how many problems we have, it is all about how we deal with it rather than just feeling it as a burden. Just believe God gives problems to those who can deal with it. If you are capable of facing the problem, you for sure have the capability of overcoming with it.

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